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The smallest things are usually the most valuable. This can be applied to our undergarments. Small but surely expensive, depending on the material and quality. Our clothing is an investment towards our wardrobe and lifestyle, we inevitably do the same with lingerie, so, to properly care for them is important. Like that they can last longer, and can keep their lusciousness.

In the following, you will find the proper ways to wash your lingerie.


If you want to keep your most delicate lingerie in a wonderful state, your best option is to handwash them so the roughness of the washing machine doesn’t damage the material.

You absolutely cannot machine wash lace lingerie, padded push up bras, and supportive underwire. These should absolutely be only washed by hand. If you have any bras with gel padding, you cannot wash them by machine, as the gel might leak and ruin the material.

For better results, it’s better you separate them by color.

Combine your lingerie in the sink, fill it up with tepid water and a tablespoon of detergent. Let them soak for a few minutes and let the detergent work through the material. Then rinse with cool water. Once that is done, reshape the cups and lay them flat to dry. Also, never let it in the dryer, as it may ruin the elastic, thus shortening the lifespan of your garment.

Machine Wash 

If you don’t have time, or simply don’t want to handwash, you can certainly use the machine for some of your lingerie. It’s an easier process. For less damage on your undergarments, it’s best if you use a mesh lingerie bag. Use separate mesh bags for panties and bras. Put your small clothes in the bag, zip it and they’ll be washed without hooking onto other items or getting twisted. To preserve your garments’ quality, we recommend to use a delicate cycle, and only cool water as heat can damage the material, which is also why you cannot put them in the dryer afterwards. Also, if you are washing a sports bra, remove the padding and wash it separately, so it can retain its original shape and air dry it as well.

Shapewear and Legwear

Shapewears are made with elastic fibers to create a resistance so you don’t have bulges through your clothes. For these materials to retain their effectiveness, you have to wash them only by hand, even if the label says their machine washable. By doing so, they won’t overstretch.

As for stockings, pantyhose and tights, they should always be washed by hand as well given their delicacy.

We want you to enjoy the clothes you wear, and make them last long, hence, we hope this list helps you with maintaining your lingerie and enjoying them for a long time, cause after all, they’re one of your many sexy assets.

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