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It’s happened to all of us, we’re having fun, can’t stop laughing, or simply having a deep conversation and then the inevitable happens; the wine that we were enjoying spills all over! They’re known for being very difficult to remove. This is because the pigments soak into the fibers and set almost right away! It’s probably one of the worst spills, so you have to take action quickly!

Things to do Right Away 

The best thing to do is to treat the spot away so it doesn’t set in. Just remember, the longer it stays, the harder it will be to remove. Once the shock wears off, rush for a paper towel and start blotting; you should only dab and not rub as you may worsen it, since scrubbing will set in the stain. Apply some treatment on the area, a good effective and affordable one is club soda, or sparkling water. The bubbles help propel the stain out of the fabric. Leave it for a few minutes, then you can blot the water off. Also, don’t put stained fabric in the dryer as the heat will set in the stain which might make it nearly impossible to clean afterwards.

If Quite some Time has Passed…

If you can’t treat the stain right away, don’t worry, you can still save your garment. Stains that have set take a longer process and need to be soaked as well. You will have to use a pre-treatment product for the spot, preferably one that is designed for wine stain, such as Wine Away. Spray on the spots and leave it on for a few minutes. You can blot to remove the colour, repeat if it’s not gone entirely. Then, you can machine-wash it according to the care label.

What if I spilled wine on my furniture and carpet?

Sometimes, we can be very clumsy (or very tipsy!) and spill that pinot noir everywhere, such as the upholstery and carpet. If you stain your furniture, waste no time and start blotting with a paper towel! Try to get as much liquid as possible to limit the damage. Afterwards, apply the wine stain remover and leave it on for five minutes. Blot again with a paper towel or a microfiber towel (it will absorb more) and clean the residue away, repeat if necessary. For carpets, apply sparkling water and blot as much moisture as possible with a white paper towel (do not use dyed napkins as the color will transfer onto the carpet). Then, apply some Wine Away, let it coat for a few minutes and then dab with a towel. There are evidently many other ways to remove red wine, such as sprinkling salt or applying oxi, but the methods listed above are probably the quickest in removing stains. If treating stains get complicated, you can always hire a service, such as DOOSH; we are prepared and know how to tackle these spills! We hope you enjoy a good glass of wine and that you don’t spill it!

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