How to Use Baking Soda for Laundry

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Growing up, we all saw those boxes of baking soda around the house, either to be used in baking, or there was one just sitting in the kitchen. It is definitely a staple in every household due to its multiple forms of uses. From being a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, it is also a holy grail in the laundry room. It can boost your laundry results as it enhances the effectiveness of your cleaning products. Keep reading to see how your clothes may benefit from baking soda.

Odor Fighter 

Let’s face it, your laundry doesn’t always come out smelling as fresh as you expect it to be. This is due to body smell, and sweat that saturates the fibers of your clothing. Adding baking soda will neutralize the acids and break down the particles and bacteria that cause bad odor and will in return leave your clothes smelling fresh! How does it do that? It regulates the ph level in the water which reduces the alkaline. You can implement this technique to your laundry day by simply adding ½ cup of baking soda to your washer at the same time as the detergent.

Soften Clothes

There’s nothing like wearing a soft comfortable shirt that hugs your body, although, we’ve all noticed and felt the changes in our fabrics after many wearings and washes. Often, the liquid softeners and dryer sheets we use are harsh on our material and have fragrance, which can irritate our skin, so you can use baking soda as an alternative (plus, it’s cheaper!). Once again, it helps by balancing the ph level and by releasing the detergent residue which can leave your clothes feeling less soft. Add the ½ during the rinse cycle and it will do its magic!

Alternative to Bleach

While bleach may be a very useful product, we’re aware that it may hinder the environment due to its chemical properties. For those who want to be more eco-friendly, it’s definitely a better substitute. It has shown to be effective in whitening your whites and brightening your colored clothes. To maximize your results, don’t forget to separate them as fabrics for white and colored can have different ph levels.
For those who still need to use bleach for heavily stained whites, you can also benefit from baking soda as it also helps as a boost to bleach; it aids by making it work better and also by decreasing that weird chemical smell you get from washing clothes with bleach.

Now you see why that orange box is probably a magical entity for every household; it literally does wonder in different things! Who would’ve thought that it would upgrade your laundry game right? Wait no more and hit the department store and stock up on as many as you can!

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