Say Goodbye To Laundry

Priced by the bag. No service fee.
Next day delivery.

Plans start at $75/ month.

By the Bag
Never by the l/b

You don’t pay by the pound, but you pay for each Doosh-Bag, cause it’s worth your while.
Each bag can fit up to 2 baskets of laundry.

*Cancel subscription anytime

Endless Rollovers

Don’t have enough laundry this month? Don’t worry, every unused bag is rolled onto the next month, and can be used anytime. Also, every unused bag space is accumulated in your account and earns you a credit for your next DOOSH-Bag!

Skip the Service Fee

Get your clean and fresh clothing the same day you place your order!
Immediate same day delivery, and best of all, there is no service fee!

Choose your plan.

1 bag

$75 / Month

2 bags

$147/ Month

Takes 2 to tango
good for singles

3 bags

$216 / Month

4 bags

$282 / Month

Start planning your family time!

Need More?

+$55 / Month

Fixed Price

*To be eligible, clients have to be subscribed to the 4 bags a month plan.*


Just Relax at Home,
we will take care.

We pick-up and deliver everyday.
Immediate same day delivery for subscription plans.

No service fee for pick-up and delivery.

Unused bags are rolled over.